Saturday, July 18, 2009

Matra 650 Longue (central intake) from a 650

This model is a Matra 650 made by Solido with reference 178 representing a Matra 650/630. This one was modified by me to represent the Matra 650 Longue that raced in 1970 Le Mans with the number 32.

The first thing to do is to cut the metal,
Then fill-up and work it to provide the shape,
And this is the final result,
This car was built in 1970 with s/n: 650-02 and it raced in 1970 Le Mans 24 hours in Gr.:P3.0 with #32 enlisted by team Matra-Elf with Jack Brabham and Francois Cevert, they did not finish DNF due to excessive oil consumption, in total dey did 76 laps versus 343 laps done by the winner. They were 14th in the starting grid.
Technical spec: V12 engine 2999cc 470hp at 11000rpm Lucas FI 5 speed gearbox polyester stratified 740kg 3built.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1970 Ferrari 512S Modulo by Pininfarina

This is a 1972 model made by Politoys with Ref.: M17 that I bought in a faily poor state, windshield and windows were missing and the canopy had a very poor fitting. The following photos depict the progress of the repairs to achieve the final result,
The final result is a reproduction of the Ferrari 512S Modulo concept car designed by Pininfarina and unveiled at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ferrari 308 GT/M from a Ferrari 388 GTO Evoluzione

I could not get a Ferrari 308 GT/M in 1/43. As far as I know the only available model is made by Tron and the few available are awfully expensive for what you get. So I decided to buy a Ferrari 388 GTO Evoluzione made by "joef evolution" and use it as the basis for the Ferrari 308 GT/M.
This is the original Ferrari 388 GTO Evoluzione made by "joef evolution"
The following photo sequence depicts how it was built.
First cut all the required openings to convert the model
Cut he side walls of the cockpit leaving a side bar
Modify the engine (remove turbos and intercoolers)and fill up as required with epoxy.
Then the final result is:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chaparral 1 from a Maserati birdcage

This is one of most challenging modifications I have done.
It was not easy to get a Chaparral 1 in 1/43 and the ones that are for sale are expensive. So I decided to buy a “Minichamps” Maserati birdcage and convert my old Maserati birdcage from “Projetto K” into a Chaparral 1.

The following photo sequence depicts how it was built.

The final result is a 1962 Road America 500; #4; Team: Chaparral Cars Inc. with J. Hall and H. Sharp; 1st overall

Chaparral 2D Sebring from a Chaparral 2D LM

The following pictures depict the original Solido 153 model representing the Caparral 2D that won Nurburgring in 1966. This allows to see how it looked like prior to be modified.
Three areas had to be modified to represent the Chaparral 2D that raced in Sebring 1966, they are:
1 – The engine air inlet box on the top did not exist, instead there were two slots
2 – The side air inlets did not exist in the right side and it was square in the left side
3 – The front end had no headlights in the fenders, they were located in the front of the car
The following pictures depict the steps that were incurred to reach the final result

After the mods it is no longer the Chaparral 2D that was raced in Nurburgring but rather the 2D that was raced in 1966 Sebring 12hrs with #11 Gr.: P+2.0 Team: Chaparral Cars Inc. driven by Jim Hall and Hap Sharp the car did not finished due to rear suspension problems after only 35 laps.
Next, you can see pictures of the final result.